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    Hello gamers,
    Thanks for participating in this forum, we are here to help you with anything you need to improve your gaming experience, but we need to explain a few things first before anything happens :)

    1) Email with game download access key
    As you should already know, you received an email with your key to play our game, but if you have any problem, or haven’t received it, please lets us know by replying the email you got and stating your problem.

    2) Forum
    The forum is for you, but we need to check that the email matches (key and forum), that’s why, after you create an account, we have to manually approve it.

    3) Feedback
    After we check everything and you play our game for quite a bit, we’ll be very happy to receive all the feedback you want to give us. That’s why we are here! So don’t hesitate to let us know your comments and experience of the game

    At the moment, REalM: Walk of Soul is in its Closed Alpha version, so you cannot comment or post on this forum until your account has been approved. Since we do it manually (Go people! Sorry robots) it takes a bit of time, but as soon as your account is checked and approved, we will send you an email so you can come back and be part of the fun!

    Thanks for understanding and we are really sorry for all the problems this might cause, but we really want to maintain this forum private for the moment. ;)

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