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  1. Andy

    Andy Administrator Staff

    Hi everybody,

    As in every forum have, here are our rules, with them we are only seeking for everyone to have a great time and we know how amazing you are for helping us improve the quality of indie games ;)

    1) No flaming, trolling, spamming, or other disruptive behavior. Anything that interrupts or stops the flow of normal conversation, such as numerous lines of 1 word of text, excessive caps, excessive links, etc. will be considered spam. Trolling includes, but is not limited to, making provocative and inflammatory comments to other users in order to upset them, using hateful, threatening or abusive language, racial/ethnic slurs, etc. Pertaining to users on the forums, the same are prohibited in any content posted there.

    2) Respect Staff Members at all times, including the developers, channel ops, and forum moderators and admin. Any type of rude, inflammatory, or abusive behavior toward staff will result in a permanent ban. This includes via the query or private message systems. If you are asked to discontinue a behavior, do so. Arguing with staff will also result in a ban. The staff are here to assist you and are entitled to be treated with respect.

    3) Do not initiate conversation on inflammatory or sensitive topics including religion, politics, sexual orientation, and other "hot button issues." These types of subject matter are intensely personal and result in the channel or forum being disrupted by arguments. While we certainly respect free speech, we ask for your consideration of others in the channel and in our community.

    4) Do not post anything of a sexually explicit, graphic, gory, or obscene nature. This includes conversation describing or links to such material. Content is to be kept to PG-13 rating, in recognition that there are both children and persons accessing the forum from schools and places of business. This includes the use of excessive swearing, crude, and obscene language either in chat or on the boards.

    5) Material or posts concerning illegal activities or encouraging such will not be tolerated. This includes discussion encouraging piracy, drug use, child pornography, terrorism, etc. These materials will be grounds to be banned from the forum.

    6) Do not post any content that is in violation of any other local, state, or Federal law for your country or under US law. Such content including material depicting child pornography, material that is an infringement of copyright law, material involving terrorist activities, etc, is subject to being reported to the proper authorities.

    7) Harassment of staff or other users, including via private messages or queries will not be tolerated. Chat logs and private messages containing inflammatory remarks, threats, or other abusive behavior toward another user can be reported to staff members and will be grounds for removal from the forums. This also includes any type of sexual harassment or unwanted advances toward another user.

    8) Do not attempt to impersonate staff members, or pass yourself off as a moderator, developer, or administrator. While we encourage users to assist one another, please do not present yourself as having "official" information or otherwise mislead others.

    We (administrator and moderators) are here to help you, solve any doubt and listen to your comments, our job is to keep all conversation flow in our community as smooth and good as possible. However, we reserve the right to act on the best way possible to respect the nature of the forum, even if there is not a rule about the subject in matter. The misunderstanding or dispute will be managed politely, but you need to bring the issue with the staff in a private message. In all matters, the decision of the administration is final.
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